A Changing World Demands Better Global Leaders

Next Global Leaders helps US and Chinese companies improve the business performance and global leadership skills of top talent working in the US and China. 

"Succeeding with the Chinese" briefings & workshops for US executives who can't risk being unprepared when working with China 

行指导訓練服务將協助如何解决最直接的問題及障碍,給予中国及美国的领导展其全球執行能力。   "Advancing Chinese Talent to the Next Level" coaching services to expand the global capabilities of top talent while in the US

Succeeding with the Chinese - We help clients understand Chinese business mindset and how to successfully work with China.

Advancing Chinese Talent to the Next Level - We help advance and expand the global capabilities of top Chinese talent in the US.  

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Our Solutions help our clients generate specific business outcomes:

  • Acceleration of global skills to achieve business results faster
  • Increased ROI of top talent on assignment in the US and China
  • Reduction of cycle times and scrap between US and Chinese

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