Coaching Services - Advancing Chinese Talent to the Next Level

We help advance and expand the global capabilities of top Chinese talent while working in the US.

Whether on an extended business trip, a rotational program, or longer term assignment, most Chinese leaders and managers are not maximizing their abilities and future development while working in the US. Our coaching services capitalize on this expensive missed opportunity through two solutions targeted at top Chinese talent. 

The Critical First 3-6 Months of a New Role in the US

  • Strengthen and accelerate transition to high job performance in US
  • Focus on highest priority global skills and gaps for integration
  • Evaluate job specific results and adjustment to early challenges



Development of Top Global Leadership Skills While in the US

  • Upgrade global skills with greatest impact on role and business outcomes 
  • Maximize global development in US through an action-learning approach
  • Assess skill development within the job based on select performance goals
  • 3-12 months, individual and group coaching sessions available 

Our Global Leadership Framework and Tools serve as a crucial foundation to the new and core global leadership skills in our Coaching Services.