Who We Are

Next Global Leaders helps top US and Chinese talent elevate their global leadership capabilities and job performance when working across cultures in the US and China.    Why We're Different

Through our "Succeeding with the Chinese" services, we help US companies understand the Chinese business mindset and how to succeed when working with China. Our "Advancing Chinese Talent to the Next Level" services help advance and expand the global capabilities of top Chinese talent while working in the US.      

Who We Support

  • US companies expanding relationships and business operations in China

Fast growing US Companies from the high-tech, life sciences and other dynamic industries are trying to grow market share, strengthen business relationships, and develop local talent in China. These companies are moving quickly, and many business leaders are not fully prepared to navigate the cultural differences and other business challenges when collaborating with the Chinese and executing projects in China.

  • Companies with top talent on some type of international assignment or rotation in the US and China

Many global companies have an established process for sending and returning leaders and high potential talent on all types of international assignments. The challenge is that most leaders on assignment in the US and China are not fully maximizing the immersive global experience to improve the most important global leadership skills for success on the job and in future global roles. 

  • Chinese companies growing their business presence and operations in the US

Successful companies from China are sending their leaders on important short and long-term assignments to the US to manage and lead their businesses. These Chinese companies are typically growing fast and have experienced success in other markets, but their top leadership talent is often not equipped with the necessary skills to effectively manage and lead while working in the US.

Why We're Different

  • Exclusive focus on transforming top talent from the US and China into more successful global business leaders equipped for the future
  • Unique bi-cultural perspective and experience based on working between US and Chinese business cultures for the past 15 years
  • Experiential approach that maximizes immersive global assignments and leadership development initiatives for US and Chinese leaders
  • Solutions that uniquely integrate a set of core cross-cultural capabilities into each leader's broader global leadership development