Problems We Solve

(1) US companies cannot afford to be unprepared and make mistakes when expanding relationships and conducting business with the Chinese. 

Most US companies seek out the appropriate support for legal, financial and infrastructural needs, yet completely bypass guidance for how to actually work effectively with the Chinese.

We help reverse this trend through a practical approach that evaluates each client's business situation and goals for success with China. We then implement a mix of solutions from our "Succeeding with the Chinese" portfolio of services.

Some of the business activities we support: Post-acquisition integration, joint venture relationships, short to long-term assignments in China, R&D teams collaborating between the US and China.

(2) Most Chinese and US companies waste time and money with top Chinese talent in the US by not maximizing the immersive global experience and failing to prepare these individuals for valuable global leadership roles in the future.

Due to differences in business culture, mindset and practices, companies are often only maximizing 50-75% of the full global capabilities of top Chinese talent while working in the US. 

We help companies accelerate the global development of Chinese talent while working in the US.  Through a custom solution set from our "Advancing Chinese Talent" portfolio of services, we immediately improve business performance and cultivate the key global leadership skills for larger global positions in the future.

Some of the business activities we support: Global and rotational leadership development initiatives, short to long-term assignments in the US, growth and expansion of Chinese companies in the US.