Executive Briefings and Workshops - Succeeding with the Chinese

China is complex and constantly changing, so how confident are you that your company is adequately prepared to lead, collaborate and negotiate with your Chinese counterparts? What is the risk and cost to your company if you're unable to effectively conduct business with the Chinese? 

For US executives and business leaders who can't risk being unprepared when working with the Chinese, our briefings and workshops provide custom solutions and insights to the essential issues that each company is facing with China.      Printable Overview

Who We Help: 

Senior management and business leaders who are:

  • Expanding business operations and relationships in China
  • Collaborating and partnering with Chinese companies
  • Virtually leading and managing teams and colleagues in China
  • Traveling to China for key business activities with the Chinese
  • Preparing for a short or long-term assignment in China

How We Help:

  • Curate the most important information for understanding Chinese business culture to achieve results
  • Apply a framework and tools for successful relationships with the Chinese in different business contexts
  • Challenge executives to address and resolve actual business situations based on understanding the Chinese business mindset
  • Provide practical guidance and insights for each company's specific goals and realities with China 
  • Equip client with powerful follow up resources to ensure sustainable outcomes with the greatest business impact


  • Gain the critical acumen for how the Chinese mindset and culture can influence your business objectives
  • Build more sustainable relationships by applying a different approach with new ideas and tools
  • Implement new filtering strategies to maximize the business metrics of upcoming initiatives with the Chinese