Executive Coaching - Successful Business Results with the Chinese

We help US executives, business leaders and managers develop new global leadership skills and work more effectively with the Chinese in order to achieve better business outcomes.  To compete at a higher level in a changing global landscape, US executives must continue to expand their global skills and learn how to more successfully conduct business with the Chinese.

Our two coaching solutions help senior management resolve specific business challenges with China and capitalize on the opportunities. 

Improving New Global Leadership Skills For a Changing World

  • Acquire specific global leadership capabilities custom to each executive's needs 
  • Align global skill development with each executive's job performance metrics
  • Demonstrate measurable improvement in targeted global leadership skills
  • 6-12 month coaching engagements


Leading, Managing and Working with the Chinese

  • Identify precise obstacles and goals for success with Chinese counterparts 
  • Expand understanding of Chinese mindset and impact to one's approach
  • Adopt new strategies and modify business styles to increase effectiveness 
  • 3-12 months, individual and group coaching sessions available 

Our Global Leadership Framework and Tools serve as a crucial foundation to the new and core global leadership skills in our Coaching Services.