Impact Story: Chinese Director on Assignment in the US

A Chinese Director at a global medical devices company was identified as a high potential leader in the organization and is on a two-year international assignment in the US. This developmental assignment is viewed as an important immersive opportunity to experience the corporate culture in the US, build important relationships with senior management, and develop key global skills for a future global leadership role in China.

Visible Issues: (as perceived by US team)

  • Not assertive enough with team even though in a position of leadership
  • Valuable information and ideas not being shared openly
  • Communication often lacks specific context and creates confusion
  • Lack of new solutions or suggestions to solve problems

Less Visible Issues:

  • Quietly struggling with adjustment (new role, relationships, transition to US)
  • Feels undervalued, not directly asked for unique perspective and ideas
  • Needs more clear direction from US manager, no holistic view of his role

How We Help:

  • Get to the root of challenges with assertiveness, adjustment, and other top issues to understand influences/reasons behind behaviors
  • Filter these gaps and co-author a new approach for assignee to tap into strengths while in the US
  • Advise receiving manager and colleagues in the US how to support third way solutions
  • Help the client build a sustainable path of experiential global leadership skill development for current and future assignees