Workshops - Advancing Chinese Talent to the Next Level

As more US and Chinese companies assign top Chinese talent to important roles in the US, the companies' efforts to maximize the global development and performance of this Chinese talent often falls far too short. 

Through our half to full-day workshops, we help advance and expand the global capabilities of top Chinese talent in the US to improve their specific business results and global development for the future.

Who We Help:

Chinese leaders, managers and specialists in the US who are:

  • Preparing for a global leadership role in the near term future (in US or Asia)
  • Talented in technical areas but still require specific global skill development
  • Identified as high potentials and need to expand their global capabilities
  • Required to maximize business performance and development while in US

How We Help:

  • Identify and practice the most essential global skills for Chinese talent transitioning to business environment in the US
  • Enable a global confidence in each individual by better understanding one's profile and strengths and how to utilize to an advantage
  • Apply a framework and tools to blend one's approach for successful performance in the US in many different business contexts
  • Equip individuals with practical follow up resources to reinforce global skill development in the US and for future leadership roles 


  • Upgrade global skills with the greatest impact on current job performance in the US, as well as leadership development in the future
  • Implement new filtering strategies to optimize the business outcomes of upcoming initiatives in the US
  • Self-directed on-demand development by utilizing toolkits, web-based resources, and guidance for new global skill areas